Almost everyone gets excited when it comes to learning about outer space. After all, some of us considered the most fun field trips were the ones to the Planetarium back in the day. Hell, some of us even claimed we would grow up to be an astronaut back then.

Space fans in Las Cruces must have been stoked about the latest news about Space Port America's upcoming test flight. The borderland is known for being a desert and has plenty of room for experiments. Hence, why Spaceport America has now opened a new site for future launches.

The Virgin Galactic's new location for take-off is just North of Las Cruces. Last month, Jeff Bezos the Amazon founder's other company Blue Origin had tested a rocket launch North of Van Horn. Blue Origin's experimental launch was a complete success that they hope to put some physical bodies on board to send to space.

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In a couple of months, 7 people will be able to be aboard Blue Origin and shoot out to the Karman line. The Karman line is between the thermosphere and mesosphere which is really far out. So since Blue Origin had a successful blast-off that means Virgin Galactic is on a time limit for its upcoming launch.

KFOX tried getting in contact with Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic for comment on their project but wasn't successful due to the privacy from both competitors. Investing Guide gives you an introduction to Virgin Galactic's new master plan about their space race to send the human race out into space above.

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