Motley Crue singer Vince Neil says that reports that the band doesn’t get along behind the scenes “are just dumb rumors” and that the guys are actually “the best of friends.”

Crue guitarist Mick Mars recently stated that Neil has distanced himself from the band, which Vince says is more geography-based statement than an emotional one. “I live in another state than the guys do. Yeah, I guess I am [distant],” explains Neil. “We don’t have to all hang out together to be a band; it’s what you do on stage [that's important]. So I think it maybe feels a little distant just because, like, they go do and some stuff in L.A., obviously it’s harder for me to get there than it is for them to just drive down the street. So I guess just, really, [not] living out of the same city [makes a big difference].”

Many have said that Motley Crue do not get along offstage, citing that the band members tour in separate buses as an example. “We go on separate buses because we can afford it. People don’t understand that. We try to travel comfortably,” Neil says about the rumors. “I don’t know why people say that. Because we’re, like, the best of friends. It’s just dumb rumors, and people just talk without really knowing anything.”

The members of Motley Crue will soon board their respective buses for ‘The Tour‘ — the co-headlining North American tour with fellow rock giants Kiss. The Crue are also in the early stages of planning a new album, which Mick Mars says may be released in conjunction with their upcoming biopic ‘The Dirt.’

Vince Neil Talks the State of Motley Crue