Next year, November 11th Florida will notice a rise in tourists but only from Veterans and active service members. A Veteran would be considered insane to turn down free food, tattoo, hair cut, lap dances and a mouth hug down under!

A man who goes by the name of Mike Busey had a brilliant idea that would make anyone who isn't in the military wishing they were! He throws a huge party on Veteran's Day at his well known "The Sausage Castle" for veterans all over to feel appreciated and loved. You would think how Mike looks and acts he would be a jerk but in reality he's a sweetheart. He knows the way to a mans heart is through his stomach and other ways as well. Mike Busey had two porn stars give free mouth hugs to every veteran who attended. Not only were there free mouth hugs, but free tattoos and hair cuts all around for the Veterans.

If you're a veteran or active service member, be sure to get Veteran's Day off next year and visit "The Sausage Castle"  for the freebies!

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