UTEP is lighting the pickaxe in honor of outgoing President, Diana Natalicio.

University of Texas at El Paso President Diana Natalicio officially concludes her UTEP career tomorrow, August 14th. In her 31 years there, she has seen about 93,500 degrees awarded. In honor of that, the pickaxe sculpture will be lit for that many seconds!

This week, each second the “Mining Minds” pickaxe sculpture is illuminated in orange and blue will represent one of those degrees. In total, the sculpture will be lit for 26 hours throughout the course of three evenings, or about 93,500 seconds. - El Paso Herald Post

So, if you want a "pic" of the pick lit up nice and pretty, you better snap it tonight or tomorrow night!! (8/13 - 14) After that, it goes back to normal.

Note: it's not as though you'll never have another chance to see it this way. UTEP lights it up for special events, significant dates and a few other, "special' reasons.

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