How this lady kept from getting a major headrush and passing out, I'll never know.

Saturday night, as Mike Price exited UTEP, a new record entered the Guiness Book of World Records!

Former UTEP Cheerleader Jalyessa Walker left El Paso for the military and is now a 2nd Lt. in the United States Army.  Saturday night she returned to El Chuco on a new mission ... to break the world backflip record!  Lt. Walker didn't quite make her personal goal of 50 backflips in the Sun Bowl, but she did totally break the Guness World Record of 35.

By doing 49!!

I would have busted my ass somewhere between the beginning and the end of the first backflip.  Why did Jalyessa want the record so bad?  According to her;

"I like challenges." "I've been in gymnastics since I was four, and tumbling is what I love to do. This is the perfect thing for me. So I thought why not give it a try."

No "trying" here ... she did it!!  Congrats Lt.!!