The Fantastic Four (1994 unreleased) Roger Corman by yourgeeknews

Alright, we know that the Fantastic Four movies have been terrible. The best part is Chris Evans as Johnny Storm but he even woke up and realized it sucked and went on to be an awesome Captain America. Someone has leaked an unreleased Fantastic Four movie to show people that no one can really get it right, even as far back as 1994.

Let's just take a moment to admire the graphics, costumes and other types of technology we have now, as you can see the major changes from this B-rated Roger Corman's disaster, as described by Daily What. Since Fox owns the rights now, this movie might be taken down very soon. Back then some German producers held the rights, but that has ended so now the unreleased video is out and continuing to show just how horrible Fantastic Four movies are. One day someone will save these heroes from horrible opening weekends.