Have you always wanted to learn how to cook; or maybe elevate your cooking skills? Well, check out the Texas Culinary Institute in El Paso, Texas where classes are open to everyone- ensuring for sure that "anyone can cook"!

So sorry for the "Ratatouille" reference- but if I'm being completely honest, the Disney movie is the reason I even stumbled on the Texas Culinary Institute! My new year's resolution this year was to finally learn how to cook! I can cook some stuff, but I'm in my 30's, I should probably learn how to do more than just boil pasta!

So while watching "Ratatouille" I decided to take charge and I came upon the Texas Culinary Institutes Instagram page where it looks like the classes are a ton of fun!

The Texas Culinary Institute offers more than just basic cooking classes, they also have baking classes, children's classes and even "Literary Gastronomy" classes- their  monthly book club that focuses on cooking recipes directly from the book of the month or inspired by the book of the month!

Classes start at $75, depending on what course you want to take. Classes are only one day and three hours long. And what I think is the best news? No cooking experience is necessary!

You can find out more about the Texas Culinary Institute here, and check out a schedule of classes as well; and maybe you'll also embark on a new culinary experience like me! Hopefully I won't need to hide a French mouse under my hat to help me!

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