The Mayor and city council have declared Tuesday as El Paso Day of Dignity & Solidarity.

According to El Paso Herald Post online, the proclamation:

recognizes that a healthy community is “one in which the principles of civility, economy, tolerance, dialogue and understanding are a shared American inheritance.”

The proclamation also demonstrates:

"the solidarity of the borderland community with those working for human rights, justice, dignity and reconciliation, the City of El Paso in its proclamation affirms that, as leaders of a community and democracy built by immigrants, El Pasoans “must resist the tendency to allow fear to justify the creation of walls and divisions, xenophobia, the degrading of women, the marginalization of those struggling with poverty, the scapegoating of minorities, the demeaning of those with disabilities, the mistreatment of the LGBTQ community and intolerance towards any people because of their religious beliefs.”

Now, if we could just agree on where to put the new arena and finish all the freakin' construction, EP should be quite the Utopia!