Miss Trivium’s stint at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, this weekend? No worries, because a video of their acoustic performance of the single ‘Built to Fall’ at the festival has surfaced online. Apparently, South by Southwest couldn’t handle Trivium’s plugged-in power, so they had to go acoustic, which is a treat for fans that are used to seeing the band completely amped up. Watch the video, below.

In other band news, Trivium drummer Nick Augusto chatted with Drum Magazine about his journey into the metal group. As the story goes, in 2009, Augusto was paying the bills as a short-order cook at a bowling alley when he got the offer from the band to tech for then-Trivium drummer Travis Smith. He jumped at the opportunity, but after tour after tour as a drum tech, even that life was getting stale. “I was good at teching, but I was more of a player than a tech so I wasn’t really happy,” he said. “Because I watched them every night and I just wanted to play so damn bad.”

When Smith left Trivium to get married, Augusto already knew his drum parts from front to back, which gave him a major advantage when filling in for Smith. Even with more well-known players expressing their interest in Trivium’s newly open drummer position, Smith won over the role. “They wanted somebody that no one knew about and who could grow into the band,” Augusto explained. “Not just a ‘name’ drummer that’s played in a million bands.” Read the full interview with Augusto via Drum Magazine.

Watch Trivium Perform ‘Built to Fall’ at South by Southwest