A certain local music venue we attended many concerts at is saying sayonara! After hearing what I thought was just a rumor actually turned out to be the cold truth.

The music venue, Tricky Falls, holds so many damn fantastic memories you and I had there! If you were another who heard the tragic news about Tricky Falls closing has a heavy heart at the moment. Now, news affects people differently and when I heard the news, I felt extremely bummed. Tricky Falls is closing their doors since their lease is up at the spot that had so many concerts go down. A lot of memorable concerts happened there like Taking Back Sunday. Frontman Adam Lazzara for Taking Back Sunday would jump on the bar and sing to the crowd. The end of this month Tricky Falls will be saying their goodbyes and so should we!

I plan on checking out Escape The Fate October 11 at Tricky Falls and hope to see you there!

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