Over 150 million Americans are under either a winter storm warning, watch, or advisory right now. The current “Polar Vortex” is bringing temperatures to 40-year lows in some places. In others, like Oklahoma City, they’ve never recorded lower temperatures.

In Texas, the problem is exacerbated by a failure of the power supply. About 2 million Texans are currently without electricity, water, or both. We had a caller from Abilene today who told us the temperature in his apartment was 25 degrees. He also told us some people are sleeping in their cars…with the engine running just so they can have some heat.

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If I didn’t have any heat, electricity or water here’s what I might do:

1.) Go to a motel

That might be a good idea if it weren’t for the fact that some motels ALSO don’t have electricity. Some that do are already filled with people who had the same idea. Back to the drawing board (see next entry).

2.) I’d check to see if I had a fireplace.

If I didn’t have one I’d seriously consider making one. Then, I’d remember what a bad idea starting a fire indoors is. Beginning to really worry, I’d skip to number 3.

3.) I’d go get in my car

From there I would start driving due south. I would continue driving south until it wasn’t as cold anymore. If I ended up in Mexico or Guatemala. Well, I’ve been meaning to visit other countries for a while now anyway.

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