Ticketmaster says they are confident live shows will be back in 2021 and here's how they plan to make sure the attendees are disease-free.

According to Loudwire:

Ticketmaster is planning for the return of live events in 2021. As a part of the ticketing giant’s new framework, Ticketmaster will require proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID test within a 24-72 hour window before allowing admission to an event.

No results or vaccination proof, no entry. A "health pass" company ... whatever the hell that is ... will deliver the results of the test, or proof you've been vaccinated, to Ticketmaster. (Can this get any more "Big Brother-ish"?)

Some questions:

  • What if you decide last minute, (within the "safety" window), that you want to see a show? Will they offer some sort of onsite testing?
  • If so, how much will they charge? (Based on ticket and concession markups, I predict "on the spot" tests will run a couple of hundred dollars at least.)
  • Let's say you're healthy now and you buy tickets, book flights, arrange babysitters, etc but, then test positive within that "safety" window. Not that it would help with non-ticket expenses but, would you get a refund for the tickets at least?
  • How will they guarantee the privacy and security of our info?
  • What if there is a mistake? With a window that tight, I doubt you'd have time to straighten things out and/or re-test in time for the show.

I'm curious about your questions and thoughts too. PLEASE leave them in the comments.

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