Plenty of people still think it’s OK to display a flag that is deeply offensive to millions of Americans while also being the symbol of a traitorous uprising against the United States. Also, it’s a loser’s flag. I’ve never understood why people in the south (and elsewhere) love to fly this flag, beyond it looking kind of cool on the Dukes of Hazard’s car. Here’s a run-down of stories that have to do with the Confederate flag that have happened in just the past few days.

1.) Famous Author Reports Rebel Flag Being Flown by Neighbor. Turns Out To Not Be.

A woman named Rebecca Morris, who is a NY Times bestselling author, called her local newspaper in Seattle to report that someone in her neighborhood was flying a Confederate flag. She thought it might be something they’d be interested in writing about. The Seattle Times send out reporter who discovered it was actually a Norwegian flag. The Norwegian flag, which doesn’t really look much like the Confederate flag, was being flown by someone who was really happy that Norway was doing so well in the Olympics.

You can read more about that story here.

2.) South Carolina Woman Decides to Take Down Rebel Flag After Vowing Not To

Annie Caddell had vowed that she would die before removing her Confederate battle flag which for years she has flown in the mostly black South Carolina community where she lives. Mrs. Caddell was quoted as saying, “I can still honor my relatives that died in the Civil War without flying the flag.” Who knew it was so easy? (Ans: Everybody)

3.) I Had to Throw This One In Because It’s Just So Funny

I posted this a while back but it is still the hardest I’ve ever laughed at a news story. It’s about a guy in Missouri who didn’t like that some people were saying it was racist that he had a Confederate hung up on his garage. He was so upset at the insinuation that he might be racist that he PUT UP A SIGN SAYING, “SLAVEs FOR SALE” RIGHT NEXT TO HIS CONFEDERATE FLAG!!

As you’re watching the local news team interview neighbors and describing the story you’ll ask yourself “What kind of ‘neck gets so offended that people are offended by his offensive flag that he puts ups an even more offensive sign?” Then they cut to an interview with the guy and you find yourself suddenly overcome with hysterical laughter for no less than 10 solid minutes. Good times.

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