Soccer isn't the only sport that has a World Cup. Teams are competing right now to qualify for a spot in the 2019 FIBA World Cup (a bunch of Americans who didn't make the NBA and a few people actually FROM the country they're playing for).

Australia had a sizable lead over the Philippines when this happened:


That is, by the standards of any sport, a massive brawl. Especially considering that basketball is a "non-contact" sport.

So, is this the biggest Basket-BRAWL moment? Let's compare it to maybe the worst fight in NBA history: The Malice at the Palace. 2004. Detroit vs. Indiana at the Palace at Auburn Hills. There's less than a minute left in the game and Indiana was leading 97-82, so there was no chance Detroit was coming back. Check out this famous Bball fight and let's see if we can agree which was the worst.

I give the edge to the Philippines vs. Australia donnybrook. None of the players went into the stands and started wailing on fans like Ron Artest did, but there were more punches (and kicks!) and more players involved. So...congratulations, foreign teams?

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