I've seen rock shows from every angle. On the stage, in front of it, next to it, behind it and watching the shows come together always amazes me.

From local bar shows to over the top extravaganzas like KISS or TSO, a lot goes into bringing you these performances and it takes way more than just the band. (On that note, watch this time-lapse video of a stage being built) Beyond the "stars", it's the techs ... along with a lot of blood, sweat & tears ... that make it all happen. The musicians play but, shows can require anywhere from 3 or 4 additional people to 100 or more. This documentary is about them.

Some of you reading this know this world and some don't. Those that do will enjoy the trailers and may see some friends. (I know and/or have worked with several of the "cast" myself.) For those that don't, I think you'll enjoy seeing what goes on and find a new understanding and respect for "Roadies". The unsung heroes responsible for some of your most memorable concert moments.

No word yet on when the film will be released but, for more info on it, click here.

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