The COVID 19 pandemic has forced a lot of people to alter their usual, Christmas traditions. Not me though ... not much anyway.

Christmas 2020 has had to be pushed back, done virtually, and, in some cases, blown off completely by some. Thank God, as far as my family traditions go, all we had to do was push things back a bit. We're blessed that we're not dealing with illness or travel woes or anything like that. Travel related problems kept some friends and family home but our Christmas dinner has always been pretty much just my Mom, my daughters, my brother, and myself. Everyone lives here and everyone is healthy, we just had trouble coordinating schedules this year so, for us, Christmas comes Saturday.

Many others though are missing key family members this year. Some due to travel issues, some because they are ill and some because they are stuck working due to staff cuts that have hit just about every business. There are, of course, always members of our military away from their families on this day. I always take a minute to think of them and to thank them for their service. I am grateful for your service and sacrifice.

This year though, in addition to remembering them, let's also keep in mind the others who cannot be where they want to be tonight due to the madness that has been 2020. More people than ever are apart this year so, as you celebrate with your loved ones, say a prayer for all who are away. Be sure and make the most of your Christmas too of course. 2020 may have ruined many things but, we can't let it kill our Christmas spirit too.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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