This is exactly why it's better to meet your future significant other out and about! Some people are lucky enough to meet up with someone from Tinder without being on the missing person list.

After hearing these two stories about Tinder nightmares, they may help keep you alive! I know some dudes who wouldn't think twice about entering a house like the first story. If you have given up all hope and are permanently relying on Tinder, beware! There are two stories that have happened which will hopefully teach you a lesson. If you're the type to walk into a strangers house while it's unlocked may possibly get you killed. The dude above tells the first story and how he escaped death for listening to his intuition. These dating apps aren't always fun and games as you can hear from the dude's story above.

If you're a fan of scoring dates on this app, always be sure to meet up at a safe place where other people are around.