These hulk looking dudes were in El Paso as a part of their tour and joined in on an El Paso tradition. Those hulk looking dudes go by the name of the Hodgetwins and shared their Chico's Tacos experience.

Twin Muscle published the Hodgetwins very first taste of Chico's Tacos while they tore into their single order. If these guys didn't enjoy stuffing their face with Chico's then their acting skills sure are top notch! There are some who absolutely love it and some that share a love/hate for the reason Gabriel Iglesias does. As they're giving each other tips on how to dip what where they seem to not recognize the food around their mouth. These guys really put aside their fitness mode to take a bite on the wild side. Chico's Tacos is the place where health freaks go to break their good eating habits.

Watch as the Hodgetwins don't hold back on their commentary about Chico's Tacos!