I remember when I first saw and heard of Mushroomhead, I was creeped out by their physical appearance! This video shows you the top 10 scariest bands that can rock and roll.

Blend Guitar put together a video showing you ten bands that are scary looking. Now some of these bands either use props, masks or blood to make their show that much intense. The ones who are known for using masks during their performances are Slipknot, G.W.A.R, and Mushroomhead. Also, one who doesn't use a mask but his rock act and lyrics can be frightening goes to Marilyn Manson.  And another that says it all in the name would be Mayhem. Mayhem using a pig and sheep head on stage is just plain out nuts. But something we have all known to do is NOT judge a book by it's cover. Afterall, these bands may seem scary as hell but sure do perform some good sound waves for our ears.


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