You know when you're watching a movie and you hear a song that makes your view THAT much better? Well Bush of course is known for making a musical cameo on a few famous films.

It's always awesome to hear some good music from your favorite band in a movie. Usually hearing a good song from a good band makes the movie scene THAT much greater. There have been a few of those that feature Bush like in FearAn American Werewolf In ParisThe Jackal, and Tank Girl. There were four songs of Bush that were featured and one was "Comedown" which was on Fear. Then Bush's "Mouth" was played on the famous sex scene in the graveyard on American Werewolf In Paris. Then on The Jackal a remix version of Bush's "Swallowed" was featured on the club scene. Lastly, "Bomb" from Bush was also featured in Tank Girl which I have not seen or heard of that movie.

So next time you're having a movie night with some of the four movies above be sure to listen closely to hear Bush!


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