There is a place that is about 5 hours away from El Paso, Texas that has holy ground. There was a story about a woman who claims the holy dirt healed her. She had appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network talking about her story or as some call it, her miracle. She was on the Miracle Detectives show talking about the holy land in Chimayo, New Mexico.

Deseree Martinez was diagnosed with bone cancer and was given a 3-month survival. While visiting Chimayo, New Mexico, she took a leap of faith and mixed her saliva with some of the dirt on her leg. Before rubbing in the dirt where her leg was hurting and come to her surprise the pain disappeared overnight. So if you've heard some stories about the holy dirt in Chimayo, New Mexico, they must be true. If you're curious about the holy dirt, Chimayo, New Mexico is not that far away from El Paso.


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