Tis the season!  Christmas is this week, and it's time to eat, drink, and be merry.

But really, there's some awful holiday candies that year after year, just continue to exist.  Not to be a grinch, but I'm kind of a grinch with certain holiday candies.  I just don't understand them, or why people enjoy them.  Here's my list, let me know if you agree, or what you'd add:

  • Candy Ribbons: what are the point of these? Pure sugar hard ribbons that don't taste good, are awkward to eat, and always cut your mouth.  They just seem pretty, but that's about it.
  • Christmas Candy Corn:  There's already enough drama over candy corn at Halloween.  Why make it even worse turning the colors red, white, and green for Christmas?!  (I've seen these called 'Reindeer Corn' some places)
  • Mints: RED AND WHITE MINTS ARE NOT CANDY! It infuriates me that people try to pass these off as candy.  They're breath mints. It's different, I swear.
  • White Peppermint M&Ms: thanks no thanks. Of all of the flavors of M&Ms, nope.
  • Christmas Tree Swirl Pops: Too much of a mouthful. I'll just take a candy cane

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