El Paso has been in the spotlight lately! We're famous. Unfortunately, we're not exactly being praised right now. A lot of what you'll hear is mainly focused on the influx of immigrants.A quick Google search will leads you to countless articles on "The Wall," or on the immigrants. Lately, El Paso has had a rise in bodies found in or near canals, and a hot topic most recently is letting your dog dine with you at local restaurants. It all sounds crazy when you stop to actually read that this is happening in our very own hometown!

With the national spotlight on all the negative, and I get it, these issues are important and effect all of us here in the 915, it's quick to forget that this city has charm. YouTube channel "The Mamuchos" were only here for a month and were able to quickly see the charm El Paso has, and they were able to capture it all.

Seeing this video is a nice reminder that it's okay to still be proud of our hometown.


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