There is a new game being played by todays youth called the knockout game. You play?Ok, if you don't know how the game is played, you find an innocent human being and try to knock him or her out with one punch.

I am joking you say? Not at all my friends, this games is played every day in the good ol' US of A and it was bound to happen, An innocent human being was punched, hit the back of his head on the ground and died. Now we have to put up with the parents of the offender telling us how there little boy was in the wrong place at the wrong time, that his a good little boy. BS, your child knew what the hell he was doing so step back and let the system find him guilty and put his worthless ass away for life or better yet, let someone play the knockout game on him and see if he survives.

Check out the video of the story here:

Stay alert and always remember, Situational Awareness is Key. Take out the earphones, stop texting and pay attention to who is around you at all times. These few steps could save your life today!