The year and the decade are coming to an end.  Usually, there are always 'best of lists' floating around, which I do now enjoy reading.

However, I have to admit there were some let downs this past year in the rock world.  At least, to me.  Here's a few of my biggest disappointments over the past year, let me know if you agree (or what you would add):

  • The Van Halen Reunion Tour that never was: so much hype for something that never actually happened.
  • The Soundgarden-Vicky Cornell lawsuit: Just a sad situation
  • The death of Ric Ocasek and Eddie Money:  Need I say more
  • The Fire Destruction of the Masters: That time when masters recordings from the likes of Guns N' Roses and the Eagles were destroyed by a fire (the fire actually happened in 2008 but the extend of the loss came out this past year)
  • Gibson's Guitar Destroying: That time Gibson was caught destroying hundreds of guitars.  Even if they weren't usable of salvageable, it's still a sad and depressing sight to see

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