Have you ever had an orange pie before? No? Neither have we, so Lisa baked an orange pie for us to try and we have some opinions. Right before Thanksgiving, the morning show was visited by Village Inn with some of their delicious pies to sample before the big holiday. While we all munched on country apple, french silk, lemon supreme, cherry pie and more, we noticed one pie wasn't eaten as fast as the others. The next day we came into work and saw that only one pie was left. The lemon supreme pie. It led to a discussion between Buzz, Lisa, and Joanna about why lemon pies weren't the best. Beyond lemon pies, we noticed that there are no widely sold orange pies out there. There may be some specialty orange pies out there, but if you head down to Denny's, Village Inn or any of your typical family diner-style restaurants, there are no orange pies to be seen. So Lisa decided to make an orange pie, in the key lime pie style, to see if it tasted terrible. Turns out, it doesn't! Check out the video and see for yourself.