This CollegeHumor skit may hilariously portray the "forbidden fruit" that is the Tide Pod but it does point out something serious, DON'T EAT THE LAUNDRY PODS!

The newest social media challenge involves none other than laundry detergent pods. You know them, they're the new little pods that are the alternative to messy liquids or powders. You pop one in to the washing machine and you're done, no measuring or spills! Well now people are recording themselves eating these laundry pods for likes and retweets. Media outlets are reporting on the growing trend of the #laundrypodchallenge.

To be clear, manufacturers have put warnings on the labels. You're not supposed to eat them and you must absolutely keep them away from children! In some places, this laundry pod challenge has doctors worried that they'll have an increase in visits to the emergency room. Online memes show the pods as delicious toppings for pizza, or depicts them as yummy candy

Parents, if you have a kid, have a serious talk with them about the dangers of eating a laundry detergent pod. Teens, if you see the #laundrypodchallenge trending on your feed, look away! Don't eat them! They're soap! And most importantly, if you do find yourself ingesting these, call the National Poison Control Central at  (800) 222-1222.

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