If you're a resident of Jasper County then the story of The Blue Hole is probably second nature. But there are probably some of us East Texans, including myself, who may not know about this jewel of East Texas.

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The Blue Hole has been called by some as the "accidental lake". Why? Well, the area it is on used to be a sandstone quarry according to wideopencountry.com. But then in 1920, some miners were using dynamite to loosen some sandstone. The blast opened up an underground spring. That spring filled up the area dug out for sandstone and the lake was born.

Chris Shea via Youtube

Some have even said that the lake contains healing properties from acne to scratches.

Eventually the lake became privately owned. So, if you decide to drop by for a visit, you will need to call ahead or you will be cited for trespassing. David Frankens, the owner of The Blue Hole, has made many additions to the lake including a beach and a cabin, among others. And everything that has been added was built using materials from around the lake.

Chris Shea via Youtube

Jasper County would be a short drive for some fun, family time. If you would like to visit the lake, call 936-875-3305 to set a time. And for sure bring the camera.

Take a look at this video which some more history of The Blue Hole.

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