Some of you may agree or be surprised by some interesting news involving El Paso, Texas. I am not sure about you but there is a fun fact about me that will upset or stun you.

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After living in El Paso, Texas all my life I have not ever known how to speak or understand any Spanish. Hell, when I was in high school I failed Spanish class so bad they had to move me into another elective.

Most of the people I do know understand and know how to speak Spanish better than I do. Shoot, even as some you would call gringas or gringos know better Spanish than I do.

First off, I have major respect for those who will try their best to speak Spanish when they don't know it. Unlike me, I avoid speaking Spanish at all costs because I will royally mess up what I am trying to say.

There was a study done that has me wondering if there are any more people in El Paso like me. The reason why I am curious is that there was a study done in February that Multilangual shared.

via Preply
via Preply

Preply is a language learning app and e-learning platform that recently did a study identifying cities with bilingual individuals. Come to my surprise, Preply named El Paso the most bilingual city in the United States.

You can see El Paso in the number one spot and the other cities that came in after us. Clearly, it isn't a surprise that San Jose and Los Angeles came in after El Paso of Preply's most bilingual cities in the United States.

It certainly was nice to see 4 cities from Texas on the top 10 list for most bilingual cities in America on there. Including El Paso, as well as Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas.

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