The Godfather trilogy is still loved and watched by many to this day. Almost everyone grew up watching The Godfather movies and has their own personal favorite. When I was a teen I would dread the time my family wanted to watch them. I couldn't really get into or appreciate the flicks back then in my younger years. But as of now, it's a different story. It wasn't until 2005 when I finally sat my tush down to watch all three movies. Which by the way doing something like that will take up most of your day. Despite how long each movie is, I was determined to see each and every single one. I didn't really understand The Godfather films when my family would put them on. But in 2005, I was older and could keep up with each one that I saw.

After putting in so much time to watching all three movies, I discovered which one became my favorite. I found it hard to stay focused during The Godfather I and The Godfather II. But I quickly became interested when I started watching The Godfather III and kept my eyes on the screen. I guess Vincent Corleone (Andy Garcia) was part of the reason I kept my eyes glued to this flick. But I definitely was disgusted when the incest scenes with the cousins came about. In my opinion, I believe The Godfather III is by far the BEST movie of them all. It was pretty amazing to see all the bad guys go down towards the end of the movie. Although the final ending wasn't a happy one, it was nice to see Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) be a good guy for once. If it's been a while, you can refresh your memory with the trailer above YouTube Movies provided above. Pick which part of the flicks you enjoyed watching the most in the poll below.

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