According to Ghost 915's Facebook, ghost hunting will commence next month. Due to Covid-19 things will work a little bit differently this time around. Before you probably remember the ghost tours being large groups getting together. But during this pandemic, you can bet it won't be as many people. Ghost 915-Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society has changed its ghost tours a bit. For the health and safety of their guests, they will only hold a limited number of tickets to sell. Also, you won't be able to purchase tickets at the door as you did before. Now the only way to purchase your tickets for a ghost tour is online. Also, they're asking those who plan on participating in the ghost hunt to wear a mask. You can get your spook on next month should you need help getting into the Halloween spirit.

Ghost 915 - Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society will host a ghost tour on Saturday, September 5. The ghost tour will be held at Concordia Cemetery at 9 pm. Now we all know from either first-hand experience or stories about Concordia Cemetery. Hell, even I remember the spooky stories my dad used to tell me. He witnessed and heard crazy things when he would scope the place out when he was on cop duty. You can get a sneak peek of a ghost tour at Concordia Cemetery thanks to Wolfgang Agosta's YouTube video above. If you haven't experienced a ghost tour at Concordia Cemetery this is your chance. If you plan on attending you will meet your hosts at the Yandell gate by 8:30 pm. You can park on Yandell and whatever you do don't forget your mask to protect your safety as well as others around you.

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