We had been talking about this for awhile. None of us had ever played Dungeons and Dragons before, but all wanted to. So the good people over at Military Gamer Supply helped us out.

We had four winners join us for a game of D&D this past Saturday. We had pre-made characters done, all we had to do was create the name. We Nico as Banging Chatterbox the human bard. Joanna as Boo Boo Kitty F*** the halfling rogue. And myself, I was Testiclon, the Dwarf Warrior.

A big thank you to Justin,our Dungeon Master, who did a fantastic job setting the game up and especially setting the scene during the game. If you would be up to play some Dungeons and Dragons with the Buzz Adams Morning Show you can email me at brandon@buzzadamsshow.com. We don't have one planned right now, but we're hoping to do it again soon. It was too much fun not to.

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