It's been a crazy week, y'all! It was a short week for some- but it still felt like it dragged! During my down time one of my favorite things to do it check out Twitter! It's a great way to see what others are saying about things I enjoy like movies, music and especially my hometown. That's right, I check out what's trending in the Sun City and some Tweets make me laugh, some make me cringe and others just make my heart two sizes bigger. Here's some of the highlights from this past week:

  • Neon Desert Music Festival has certainly become a staple for Memorial Day weekend and some were so excited that their pregame got the best of them:
  • I haven't been to #NDMF in a minute, mainly because I feel like maybe I'm too old for it and I fear being featured on FitFamElPaso for it. Many who attended seemed to have a great time, despite the awful weather!
  • Maybe I'll set aside my inhibitions and attend next year, because according to Twitter and FitFam, I missed a great time:
  • Also, the food sounds like it was delicious:
  • Until next year, #NDMF, hopefully you find your D!
  • The holiday weekend ended and when everyone came back to reality, and to work, we learned that a (privately funded) wall can be built in JUST THREE DAYS! (Take note TxDoT!)
  • And while that caused controversy everywhere, we all took comfort in knowing that an El Pasoan was getting some national recognition for something good:
  • Congratulations to Rick, he seems like someone really deserving of this!
  • We also know that we'll have a new El Pasoan very soon, so say "Hi" to Nate Ryan!
  • But sadly, we'll also have to say "Bye" to someone:
  • Can't wait to see what next week brings to the Sun City, until then, enjoy this beautiful video of the 915 at sunset:


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