Sunday the Cinco de Mayo parties will be everywhere. I know what the two most important menu items are but, what type of these things should I get?

A Yahoo survey of salsas ranked their favorites and the top 3 were all store bought: (Green Mountain Gringo SalsaTostitos Chunk Salsa and Frontera Chunky Tomato Salsa.)

That was nice of them but I'm asking the experts ... you guys!!  I know our restaurants here in the Borderland can do better than those brands but, who does it best?  (Since almost all of you are going to answer mi abuelita, my Mom, my wife, etc; let's exclude them from this particular competition ok?  Unless they're willing to deal in bulk anyway!)

Tecate only comes in 2 choices (regular and light) so there's no contest there.

Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images
Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images

Tequila however should spark quite a debate!  (Kevin Vargas and/or Super Mario should be stepping in right about here.......)    Normally, I'm a "silver and chilled" kind of guy usually sticking with my buddy Jose.  There are many types and varieties of tequila though so, (since I'm not exactly a fount of tequila wisdom), once again I must turn to my homies!

There's your assignment El Chuco, help a brother out!  Where should I get the salsa and which tequila will go best with it??  (Beer I got covered ... I'm sticking with El Coors Light-o on that one!)

Who does 'em best El Paso/Las Cruces?  Comment below or on The Q facebook page!!

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