Buzz had started a "game" earlier this week. It was a pretty simple game. He named a TV show and I had to say which scene immediately came to mind. Of course there was an issue with this game. Buzz kept naming old TV shows I've never seen. But it was still fun when it worked, so we played the game a bit on this week's After Buzz.

I also do some Star Wars trivia to give away an extra pair of tickets we had for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at Alamo Draft House. Which of course, no matter how many times I said don't type the answer in the chat, people still typed the answer in the chat.

And I was asked if I turn red when I get angry. Being of Scottish/Norwegian/German descent, of course I do. But rather than get worked up and angry on the After Buzz, I decided to do a hand stand to show how red I can get.