For those across Texas who happen to have a $2 bill just wasting away in their wallet, now is a good time to check if it could be worth thousands!

That $2 bill that many Texans probably have could be worth thousands
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I never knew two dollar bills were real! But that note is indeed accepted as currency in the United States.

I knew a few of us here in El Paso, Texas that have a two dollar bill just burning a hole in their wallet; I know lots of people who won't use it! If you happen to have one wasting away in your wallet or piggy bank, it's time to dig it out and check to see if you can cash in on a cool opportunity

There are several versions of the two dollar bill; some have Thomas Jefferson on the front, some feature the founding fathers- other's have Alexander Hamilton and depending on which on you have- it could be worth more than just the $2- I'm talking about thousands of dollars worth!

According to, if the two dollar bill in your collection right now was minted and printed before 1976, the bill could actually be worth as much as $4,500!

One of the main factors you're going to want to look at is if the bill was in circulation or not; also if it has a brown or a red seal. Uncirculated two dollar bills with red or brown seals can fetch thousands. So, go dust off that two dollar bill that I know you're not using and check here to see how much it could be worth!

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