A Texas woman has been arrested after pretending to be her boyfriend and sent death threats to herself.

She must have really not wanted her kids living with her ex!

A Texas woman was arrested after she allegedly tried to frame her boyfriend for threatening her in what had been a bitter custody battle turned catfishing conspiracy. 22 year-old Lisa Marie Garcia was arrested last week for retaliation an online impersonation. Authorities claim Garcia created fake Instagram accounts and used phone apps to pretend she was her estranged boyfriend, 23 year-old Brandon Berrott. Garcia then sent herself threatening messages pretending to be Berrott. She contacted the Baytown Police Department about the threats and Berrott was arrested and thrown in jail for making terroristic threats. Then when he was out on bond, Garcia was still receiving the messages and Berrott was arrested again for violating his release terms. He was charged with 8 criminal cases in less than two months when he was innocent the entire time. Berrott suffered incredible losses due to Garcia's scheming- he lost his job as well as tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and bond payments. All because she wanted to keep him in jail.

So what finally caused Lisa Marie Garcia to get caught?

She went after her ex boyfriend's mother as well. She called the mayor of Baytown to claim that Berrott's mother was bribing  District Judge Brad Hart to get her son continuously released on bond. His mother worked for the county and would have been able to contact the judge. After that claim was made, an investigation was launched into Garcia's claims. When investigators started looking closer at her claims, they started seeing all the cracks in her stories. For one thing, one of the times Garcia's said she was allegedly threatened, Berrott was handcuffed in the back of a cop car and wouldn't have been able to send the message. She also said that she was continuing to get the threatening messages, even when Berrott was fully cooperating with investigators. Brandon Berrott blames the police department for not fully investigating Garcia's claims and says he is considering legal action against the Baytown Police Department.

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