After a viral incident where a young girl licked a tub of Blue Bell ice cream, copy cats incidents have started. But one Walmart is defending their frozen foods aisle. Texas police now have a suspect who they believe is the woman in the video seen licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream. The Lufkin Police Department isn't releasing her name since she is a juvenile, but unfortunately, her viral incident has sparked copycat ice cream lickers. A man in Louisiana has been arrested he licked a tub of Blue Bell ice cream and posted the video on Facebook.

One Walmart in Texas is doing its part to protect its supply of Blue Bell ice cream in a unique way. A Walmart in Corpus Christi has gone viral after they posted a photo on Facebook of their "armed" guard protecting their ice cream aisle. The worker is seen posted in front of the freezer door holding a water gun. The Walmart wrote on Facebook that they're "guarding our Blue Bell ice cream for your weekend party." The post went viral but has since been deleted. You can check out the photo below from ABC 13 in Houston.

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