This weekend, get rocked and get inked!! Today, tomorrow and Sunday the El Paso County Coliseum is filled ... FILLED I TELL 'YA ... with some of the worlds best tatoo artists and some of the best bands out there!!

National and local tatto artists and bands are coming together for 3 days of fun with the Texas Tattoo Showdown!!  Some of the artists include Jeremy Miller and James Vaughan from Ink Master, Amy Nicoletto from LA Ink and more!! 

The local tattoo talent will include House of Pain owner George Galindo and his crew! George is also the promoter, organizer and "boss" of this party!!  (The House Of Pain crew are the best.  They've done all my work .. ink and piercings!!  And they're local brothers; from right here in El Chuco!)

Stop in, grab a beer, get some ink then get ready to rock!  About 30 bands are rolling through the coliseum for this over the next 3 days!  Local rock coming from All That Bleeds, 3rd Edge and LOTS more!  National acts include Mushroomhead, Days Of The New, Bowling For Soup (I gotta ask them about that name...), Hawthornes Heights and more!! 

If that wasn't cool enough, Static X are closing it all out Sunday evening.  Yep, the long awaited reunion tour begins right here in El Paso Sunday night!!   "Evil Disco" Lives!

Tickets at ticketmaster outlets and at ticketmaster.comGet all 3 days for only $35!!

There's lots more ... midget wrestling, human suspensions ... just look at all the links in this blog!  That should tell you something right there! 

 Doors open at noon each day and kids 12 and under are free!  For more details keep it on The Q and keep visiting

See ya' there!!!!!!!