A high school in Houston will soon turn away parents who show up in pajamas, leggings and headgear like hair rollers, bonnets and shower caps. While it seems like it's only aimed towards sleepy time wear, they're also banning men from wearing undershirts (so, like, a wife beater?), parents wearing sagging pants or shorts, revealing tops, torn jeans "showing lots of skin," and "dresses that are up to your behind." All this according to a letter sent out by James Madison High School principal Carlotta Outley Brown to all parents.

Apparently this all started when a parent was turned away from the school after showing up in a T-Shirt dress and head scarf. Parents are upset at the new dress code because it appears to have been targeted to only that ONE school in the district. The dress code is enforced in order to teach students "how to dress when applying for a job, or going nearly anywhere outside of the home setting."

I'm not a parent, but I've taken my nephews to school in the mornings and have picked them up after, I've seen the pajamas, the wife beaters and the slippers. I would understand if the clothes was too revealing, you shouldn't be wearing a corset to pick up your third grader, but I have no problems with leggings and pajamas. Should this be an issue? Is the parent backlash justified? I've worn pajamas to take my nephews to school, should that matter? As long as you're taking your children to school, should what you're wearing be an issue? Parents, let me know!



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