Everybody loves some Flaming Hot Cheetos, but would you be willing to mix them in with a sweet treat too? Flamin Hot Cheetos have become a staple in many people's diet, especially here in the Borderland. The way people eat them varies from pallet to pallet but the same thing is true- people love the spicy Cheeto treat. Some like to mix their hot Cheetos with nacho cheese, while others top them with lime and hot sauce. With the popularity of the snack skyrocketing in the past few years, it comes as no surprise that some have decided to transform the way that you enjoy Cheetos.

A San Antonio restaurant decided to put the snack in a dessert and they're blowing the internet's collective minds. The Bubble Waffle Bar now serves a delicious Hot Cheetos ice cream and milkshake, that's also topped with hot Cheetos crumbles. Some are ecstatic at this dessert idea, while other's wonder what will be the effects on one's bowels. Either way you sway, we're intrigued and can't wait to make this one at home!

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