A realtor from Texas has gone viral for her hilarious Instagram page, highlighting the odd, creepy, and hilarious designs she's seen in real homes.

Realtor Venessa Van Winkle runs a successful Instagram page @pleasehatethesethings where she and her fellow realtors highlight some of the insanity they've seen while out looking at various homes. With 250,000 followers, the page shows the "absurd, ugly & just plain stupid things in home design." She lets people know that you're most likely "here for the comments."  Van Winkle owns Van Winkle Real Estate Group and she uses photos that she and other realtors have gathered from across the United States to see just how wacky some homeowners can be. 

Some of the great looks that she has seen inside homes include clear toilet seats with butterflies inside, a front door flipped upside down so a dog can see out, a piano built into a wall, a Chevy truck built into a bed, a spiral staircase made out of carpet and more. Some of the horrendous interior design pictures are below, but you can see more photos at the Daily Mail website or the Instagram page.


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