Whoever is running the social media page of the Aransas Pass Police Department is doing a really good job! This one should be filed under the "True Crime Report" as well as under "dumb criminals".

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Police in Aransas Pass are getting a kick out of this suspect's terrible hiding skills. Apparently, this suspect decided that hiding in a field was a good idea- which, actually, I won't fault him on that, a field is a good hiding spot.

However, the problem came when somewhere between the chase and finding his hiding spot in the field, when the suspect decided to get a road crew vest. It didn't fare well for him and the Aransas Pass police decided to share it for all to laugh.

The police captioned the video:

NOTE TO THIEVES: Might be wise not to dress like a road crew worker while running from the police in a stolen car and then trying to hide in heavy brush.

They also added the following hashtags, which I think is my favorite part of the post:

  • #WheresWaldo
  • #FindingThievo
  • #OurEyeInTheSkySeesYou
  • #BrightOrangeAndReflective
  • #ThankYouForMakingItEasyForUs
  • #101HowToGetCaughtQuicklyByThePolice
  • #MostOfAllHappyForTheSafeEnding

"Thank you for making it easy for us" is probably the best part.

There's no word on where the suspect, who allegedly stole a car, ended up dumping the car, but judging by one of the hashtags, alls well that ends well!

I think we all learned a valuable lesson here, if you're going to steal a car, don't also steal a road crews vest, because those are bright and reflective and will give you away in an instant!

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