Right now I'm feeling pretty jealous of people in Fort Worth; which is something I never thought I'd say!

While scrolling through TikTok, as usual, I came across this video of user @scottyboyhomie who shared his journey while eating at Pancho's Mexican Buffet. Yeah, you read that right: PANCHO'S. MEXICAN. BUFFET.

I know many of you remember this place, we had one on McRae, and if you just browse through many Facebook posts and groups, you'll find that Pancho's is one of the most missed restaurants in El Paso! Check out the TikTok and prepare to be jealous!

All the memories just came back! Those sopapillas, the buffet line and raising the little flag to request seconds or even thirds! I would totally get mad if I didn't get to raise the little flag!

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However, I will always remember the fear that everyone felt the second that the "Happy Birthday" song would start and everyone just waited to see who the sombrero would land on! They let you keep the little piñata afterwards though, so that was cool, but also a bit terrifying!

I can't remember when or why Pancho's closed down, but it has always held a special place in my heart. I actually can't even remember if the food was good, but I do remember that the tortillas de harina were always good and the sopapillas were best served with honey.

Not too long ago, I discovered that the building that used to be Pancho's is now a Chinese restaurant, it's called Bamboo Kitchen and it's actually really good. The inside of the restaurant still has the old tile, the old railing, and if it wasn't decorated with Chinese paintings, it still kind of looks like the old Pancho's.

So if you're out in Fort Worth and stop by the Pancho's, raise the flag for me!

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