We’re accustomed to weird weather here in the Lone Star State, but this is downright bizarre. And while the weather is unpredictable year-round, it’s especially random this time of year.

For instance, snow is a rare sight at Big Bend National Park. And when it does snow there, it’s usually pretty light. However, more than six inches of snow fell on parts of the park back on Saturday, March 18, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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As a result, the park had to close major roads and entrances so that they could be cleared.

After the road to Chisos Basin was reopened, a park ranger filmed a video of the rare sight using their dashcam. Of course, the clip is getting quite a bit of attention.

It’s such an unusual sight that one of the people commenting on the video actually thought it was filmed in black and white.

But as I mentioned earlier, the weather changes rather quickly here in Texas. The folks behind Big Bend’s Facebook page commented that the snow was melting quickly and with a forecasted high on Sunday that was supposed to be in the 60s the snow wouldn't be sticking around for long.

But at least we have video evidence of the one time that it snowed so much in Big Bend National Park they had to close several roads and entrances.

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