A Texas strip mall found that the massage parlor they had was the home to a prostitution rings after their pipes kept clogging due to a massive amount of condoms.

A property management company in Austin recently tipped off the police after the pipes in a building they owned kept getting clogged. When a plumber came out to check out the situation, they found hundreds of condoms that had been flushed down the toilet. Other tenants in the building had become concerned that prostitution was happening at the massage parlor located in the Texas strip mall. Police began investigating the parlor back in February. They traced the clog back to the parlor, and also found that the business was advertising their "extra" services on Backpage.com with the owners phone number.

Another fun fact according to CBS Austin, two days before police were tipped off about the parlor, owner Juan Wang was stopped at the airport heading to China with $30,000 in cash. She told authorities that the money was from her business but then said that she made about $20,000 a year there. She became nervous when they pointed out that she was carrying more  money than she made in a year. Still, she was allowed to board the plane with the money.

See more details on the Daily Mail page.

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