Llamas are adorable! I don't think there's anyone who would disagree; they almost look like you can keep them as a pet- but you probably shouldn't. But you can come close to petting them at a castle in north Texas where all these llamas live.

That's right, there's a castle and it's home to a bunch of llamas. It's called ShangriLlama (hilarious, right?) and these llamas are living the high life!

The llamas have adorable and royal names like Prince Barack O'Llama.

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There's a squire of the castle barn, and he recently celebrated his first birthday- his name is Hakuna-My-Llama and he looks like a good ol' boy you'll want to give never ending pets to!

According to their website, ShangriLlama Castle is located in Royse City, which is next door to Rockwall,30 minutes from Plano, 40 minutes from Dallas, 50 minutes from McKinney, and a little more than 60 minutes from Ft. Worth. The castle itself is actually a private residence where a family lives, that's why when you look it up online you won't find an address for it, instead, you'll receive the address when you book a reservation; which you can do so here.

ShangriLlama Castle offers "enchanting activities" like "Llama Llessons" and "Llama Walks" where you can walk with a llama, which is now a thing I've added to my bucket list! ShangriLlama also offers weddings and special events, where you can walk down the aisle with one of the royal llamas!

You can find out more about the llamas as well as how to make a reservation here. You can also follow the shenanigans the royal llamas are up to on their Instagram page.

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