Yep, you read that right. These freaks, errrr people have totally made this possible....

If you lose a friend or family member that had some really sweet ink, you can now keep the ink. If, for some F'ed up reason, you want to. Save My Ink forever has perfected a process for removing the tattooed skin of dead people, framing it and sending it to the person's loved ones. Seriously.

They won't give the details on how they do it but, funeral homes all over the country are working with them. (3 of them are in Texas.)  According to the Save My Ink's website:

Our mission is to help carry on a loved one's story. We hope to ensure that the spirit and legacy of your loved ones can live on for generations to come. Save My Ink Forever focuses on creating an everlasting memorial. At Save My Ink Forever we create more than just a picture. You receive the ACTUAL TATTOO. This becomes a framed piece of art that is presented to the family in a DIGNIFIED MANNER.

Dignified??  What do you think of this??