Check out this video of a sheriff rescuing a dog chained to a porch during the disastrous flooding in Texas. Also find out how this sweet pup is doing.

In Fort Bend County, the rise of the water level of the Brazos River is historic, with evacuations of multiple areas and 90 water rescues. Emergency personnel are urging residents to abide by the evacuations and heed all road warnings.

In a neighborhood north of Rosenburg, Texas, an airboat with a KPRC news crew on it spotted a dog barely visible above the water. The animal was chained to the porch and was barely lifting her head above the water. The airboat crew was able to jump into the water to rescue the pup. The Houston Humane Society shared her picture and story on their Facebook:

Sheriff Troy E. Nehls also shared a picture of the dog on his own Facebook and assured people that he would be paying the owners a visit after the flooding was over. The airboat crew was able to save another 5 dogs they found stranded in the flood waters.

The dog is currently at the Houston Humane Society and is said to be doing a lot better today. She was bathed, fed, checked by a veterinarian and given a bed for the night. Sheriff Neels also said he was considering adopting the dog.

Check out the poor dog's narrow escape in the video above.