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A young Texas boy is being called a hero after his quick thinking saved a young girl from being kidnapped by a sexual predator. In Witchita Falls Saturday, 11 year-old TJ Smith and another neighbor were able to save the girl before anything happened to her. Talking to his local news station KAUZ, TJ told the reporter how he saw the 7 year-old girl riding her scooter when a man came came up to her and grabbed her.

TJ was playing nearby and thought the man knew the girl but then realized something was wrong. He started to run after the man, 26 year-old Raeshawn Perez, but stopped at his neighbor's house first to get help. The neighbor, James Brad Ware, took off running then went back and got his vehicle and wife and went looking for the man. Ware found the man with the help of neighbors and when he found the house Perez took the girl to, TJ was already out front pointing him to the alley behind the abandoned house.

Ware's wife yelled to the suspect to let the girl go just as he was attempted to lift her into the home through a window. The man let the girl go and took off running as Ware began to approach him. Ware was able to catch up and kicked Perez in the groin but he was still able to escape.

After, Ware continued to chase him, tackled the suspect to the ground and held him until police were able to arrive. The Good Samaritan then asked the suspect why he took the girl and allegedly said he "just wanted to have sex with her." Both Ware and Tj are being called heroes but Ware says its TJ that saved this girl,

"He’s the one that more or less saved this kid from being killed or raped."

Raeshawn Perez was arrested and charged with aggravated and public intoxication and is being held at the Wichita County Jail. TJ Smith has been rewarded for his bravery with an honorary police badge that he proudly wore to school.

KAUZ-TV: Newschannel 6 Now | Wichita Falls, TX